Top 5 Awe Momma Baby Accessories

Whether you’re already a parent or a soon-to-be one, you’ll experience excitement and pressure at the same time.

One of the struggles during motherhood is choosing the right accessories for babies. It’s not always what’s cute and what’s not. There are other questions that you need to consider like will it be useful? Or, is it durable and is the price reasonable? Worry no more because we’ve got you covered!

Here at Awe momma, there are hundreds of accessories your baby would love trying out! So prepare a list and start adding to the cart the must-have baby stuff that you might need whether you are inside or outside the comfort of your home.

Top 5 Awe Momma Baby Accessories 

1. Ergonomic Front Facing Baby Carrier


Nothing feels better than being able to see and feel your child but what if you have other tasks to do?? A baby carrier helps you to carry your child safely and hands-free.

It is perfect for working moms and busy dads who don’t want to be away from their little ones.

In choosing what baby carrier is best, its style, safety, and comfort are important things to take note of. This ergonomic front-facing baby carrier can be worn in 15 ways.

It has padded shoulder straps, waistbands, secured buckles and it also has compartments for other essential things.

You can also adjust this style for a more comfortable experience.  With this ergonomic front-facing baby carrier, you can enjoy doing other tasks while carrying your baby.

This costs  $50.

2. Baby’s Folding Stroller with Aluminum Frame


A stroller is a must-have baby accessory, especially when going out with your little one. It makes roaming around, walking, and doing your errands a lot easier.

Whether you want to carry your child or stroll, it’s made possible with this Awe Momma folding stroller because it comes with a hand carrier.

Awe Momma’s durable stroller can accommodate up to 12 kg or 26.46 lbs. Your child can be protected through its waterproof and UV proof cover.


  • Size: 111 x 81 x 36 cm / 43.70 x 31.89 x 14.17 inch
  • Folded Size: 94 x 48 x 29 cm / 37.01 x 18.90 x 11.42 inch
  • Car Seat Size: 57 x 45 x 70 cm / 22.44 x 17.72 x 27.56 inch

This Baby’s Folding Stroller with Aluminum Frame costs from $331 to $430

3. Large Capacity Baby Stroller Bag


Getting out of the house with your baby needs extra mindfulness so you won’t miss something that your baby might need later on.

Awemomma’s large capacity baby stroller bag may attract you. It comes with a large compartment for diapers, bottles, and many more.


30 x 20 x 15 cm / 11.81 x 7.87 x 5.91 inch


  • 1 x Baby Stroller Bag
  • 1 x Baby Bottle Insulation Bag
  • 1 x Stroller Hook
  • 1 x Bow Headwear
  • 1 x Hand-Woven Rope

This large capacity baby stroller bag is guaranteed waterproof and it costs from $18 to $30.

4. Baby’s Multifunction Musical Play Mat


A baby play mat is the best partner to let your child enjoy and have fun. It’s one of the best companions during your child’s feeding time.

Baby’s Multifunction Play Mat is lovable because of its soft and cute mat. It also has toys that children would love to touch and play  .

What makes it more perfect is the musical feature that will stimulate your baby’s mind and make them feel relaxed.


75 x 63 cm / 29.53 x 24.80 inch

If you’re wondering how much the Baby’s Multifunction Musical Play Mat costs, it can be bought for a reasonable price of $50.

5. Anti-Slip Soft Geometric Patterned Carpets For Baby Bedroom


Children love to play and when they play, unexpected accidents may happen. This Anti-Slip Geometric Patterned Carpets for Baby Bedroom got your back so you don’t need to worry whenever your child is having playtime.

This patterned carpet that’s perfect in your bedroom is stylish and guaranteed safe for your baby. It comes with different designs to choose from.

It has 5 sizes that are perfect for every bedroom size you have at your home. This Anti-Slip Soft Geometric Patterned Carpet costs from $14 to $198.


Choosing the right and suitable accessories for your baby takes time. But determining what’s right for your baby and getting quality accessories will pay off everything.

To help you save your time and efforts, Awe Momma offers different baby care products that can be your ally in journeying with your little one.


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