5 Customer Picks and Favorites at Awe Momma

          If you visited Awe  Momma for the first time and are lost in our huge choice of kids’ and maternity products, don’t worry — visit our Customer Favorites category to see what our customers found most useful and exciting on our website. In this article, we are going to introduce you to five products our customers loved.

1. Wooden Color Matching Game

If you are looking for a great way to spend time with your child and train their memory at the same time, this game is just what you need. To play the game, install the pins colored side down and roll the dice. Try to find a pin that matches the color on the dice. The principle is simple, and yet, can make even an adult get competitive!

Another beautiful board game that will help your child spend less time on their gadgets is based on the legendary Tetris game. The wooden iteration of the game is more akin to a puzzle than its digital ancestor. Nevertheless, the puzzle can be great for your child to learn colors, shape, and train logic skills.  Shop now

3. Kids Writing Tool

Learning writing can be challenging for many children, but this simple gadget can help build muscle memory and hold a pen correctly. Try this simple gadget if your child is going to start school soon — their teachers will thank you later.

We love to see our children exploring the world, but some places in your home simply have to be off-limits for our little explorers. Instead of tying your kitchen cabinet’s doors and untying them again, try this simple and smart solution.


Our customers love this fun toy — bet you didn’t think a simple bubble ball can give so much fun! Just fill the ball with water and play with it in a pool, jump on it, and more without being afraid to break it.

5. Baby’s Magnetic Safety Lock Set

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